Ashley Madison Reputation Management

Ashley Madison Reputation Management

The Ashley Madison leak is one of the biggest news stories of the past few months.

Millions of cheaters and non cheaters had their information hacked by hackers who then exposed these accounts online.   Go ahead and check if your email address is affiliated with the Ashley Madison hack here.

Whether you were active on the site or just registered out of curiosity, your name may be in that database and that means it could eventually be published online.  It may be a matter of time before your name appears on Google, so you may want to consult a Reputation Management company prior to this happening.

It is easier to get started and improve your online presence, with strong authoritative profiles, instead of waiting for the shoe to drop and an eventual employer or date finds your name affiliated with Ashley Madison.

It’s worth noting that not every profile in the dump is real, since the site did not send confirmation emails to verify email accounts for people who signed up, so it’s possible they were signed up by someone else.

If your email is affiliated with Ashley Madison, contact us to see what your options are to bury your name from the front page of Google.  This is key, as only 7% of searches actually click to the second page of Google when searching.

What can Reputation Champ do to help your name not get found in connection with Ashley Madison?

We help you by adding your information to hundreds of different websites and help rank them, so you won’t be found.  It is not simply about creating profiles, it is about creating profiles that rank and boosting them to rank on the first page so your name along with Ashley Madison is not found by the average searcher.

Contact us by calling us at 888-761-6650 or filling out one of our contact forms, we offer a free, no obligation consultation to determine if we can help you.

Ashley Madison Hack Facts

Ashley Madison was launched in 2001.

The wiki page explains several of the company’s issues over the past few months.

The data dump included 36 million email addresses for 33 million accounts, along with user names, first and last names, the last four digits of credit cards, personal IP addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers for a large number of them. In total, the hackers released 10GB of compressed data—a staggeringly large amount.

About 10,000 .gov email addresses were exposed.

Users thought that a $19 fee would erase their personal information from the site, we now know that it didn’t.

You can check to see if you or someone you know has an email address associated with the site here.

On August 18th, 2015, the Ashley Madison hackers released the 32 Million User Records to the public.  The file was 9.7 Gigabytes.

Ashley Madison is being sued by various individuals for stress, emotional distress, leaking private information among other things.

Two law firms in Canada have launched a $578 Million dollar lawsuit on behalf of “all Canadians” who have been affected by the hack.

If you are concerned about your name being affiliated with Ashley Madison online, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

We have helped several people protect their name from being found online. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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