86% of people use a search engine to find more information about another person or company.

Controlling your online reputation is much more possible than you may think. Google search results may look like they are set in stone, but that is far from the truth. We have a three step process that gives you control of what people see and don’t see about you on the Internet.

Build – Create a a positive online presence by promoting websites whose content you control.
Monitor – Continuously search the Internet for content that may be damaging to your reputation.
Repair – Push down negative content so it doesn’t appear in search engine results.


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How we help you gain control on your online reputation…the details.

Having web properties that you control is essential to managing your online reputation. Your website, social media profiles, review website listings, and online directory listings are some of the tools to communicate your message. They need to be managed and optimized to rank well on search engines. Not only to displace any negative content that exists now, but to put up a barrier for any future negative content that may appear.

Nothing gives confidence in your business like positive reviews. Positive reviews have to be pushed further up in search engine results while pushing down negative reviews. Managing review websites is an absolute must from optimizing your listing, soliciting reviews from your customers, handling negative reviews correctly, and don’t forget to thank people for leaving those positive reviews!

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation for having your web properties rank high in search results and stay there. It is an art and science that is constantly changing. We have years of experience in SEO and can manage all aspects for you from link building, content for blog articles, submitting press releases, and social bookmarking.  You’ll always be kept up to date and will be amazed at how we manipulate search engine results to serve you.

Monitoring what’s being said about you, your brand, products or services on social networks is a must. Like reviews, they have the ability to lead or turn away potential customers. We monitor all the major social networks, forums, news, blogs, photo and video websites for mentions of you or your business. We can also manage responding to social mentions, having erroneous content removed, as well as sending legal warnings for defamation.